Character Creation Form & Rules

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Character Creation Form & Rules

Post by Bee on Thu May 07, 2015 10:08 pm

All characters of Hoaxx must be created using a form very similar to the example form given below, it will include all the important details to make the character usable in the world. Using these details the characters will become real in the world, and be able to begin their journey throughout [world name].

All characters must be accepted before they can join the community, an Administrator or Moderator assigned to the Character Creation board will read, review and accept or decline the character. If the character ends up being declined, reasons will be told why the character failed the review and changes can be made and said character can be once again reviewed.

You can have up to a limit of four characters, however if you wish to stop using a character to create a new one, you can ask one of the people charged with watching over Character Creation to remove them from the game before making a new character.

Sexual Orientation:

  • Name
    -This will be your characters name, generally a first, middle and last. Middle and last names are optional.
  • Nickname
    -Your characters nickname, it's a shorter version of their name and is completely optional. Can also add a nickname later as well.
  • Age
    -How old your character is, or appears to be in cases of different species. It should include the real age and the appearance age in this case. This would also include the birth date of your character.
  • Gender
    -The gender of your character, female, male, no gender, etc.
  • Appearance
    -The appearance of your character, please make this as detailed as you can. The more details, the better you and other players can visualize them into the scenery. Please refrain from using photos, however it will not dock against the review of your character.
  • Personality
    -Personality is a very detailed description of how your character acts and talks. It's a description of their flaws and perfections. It can range from how they act around people, to their favorite hobbies and favorite color.
  • Sexual Orientation
    -This is a completely optional part of this form, it is not required. However, if you wish to set your characters relationship preference, you can do so here. All forms of sexual orientation is open, from straight to asexual.
  • Species
    -Your characters species, be it human, vampire, werewolf or other.
  • History
    -A brief history on your character, a peek into their past if you will. Describe how they came to be in this place, or what pushed them towards becoming a hunter. If they are a species anything but human, describe how they became that species. You do not have to disclose all of their history, that would ruin the fun of roleplaying with them, however having a sneak-peek is always fun.

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